11 digit mobile phone number implementation for all states in india

Government Plans to roll out 11 digit mobile numbers soon in India

Most of the telecom operators are about to run out of 10 digit mobile phone number series across India. Hence TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory authority of India ) is considering an option to roll out 11 digit mobile phone numbers in India very soon.

In early 2003, TRAI has released the 10 digit mobile number codes across all states of India, its also believed that the capacity of numbers can go up to 30 years alt least, but tremendous growth in telecom sector has consumed all the numbers in short span of 15 years and put the demand in place.

Interestingly most of us using two mobile number numbers in our phone due to various reasons. This was greatly evident with the sales of dual SIM cellphones in India. Such consumption of mobile phone numbers has created the shortage in the mobile numbers allocation and forced TRAI to take immediate step to resolve the shortage. TRAI is considering all the option about mobile number consolidation and expected to release the 11 digit number series from next year.

New 11 digit mobile number may not entirely revamp the existing mobile numbers we use, but one additional digit will be added at the beginning of the phone number or end of it. Any way we may have to wait till TRAI officially roll out the process in detail. After launching the 11 digit mobile number series, we may not further increase the number of digits, because the capacity gets increased multiple times.

Already, few countries have implemented the 11 digit mobile number series to accommodate increase in demand like China, etc.


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