How to block incoming Mobile/ phone calls from any number or
How to block unwanted calls ?

We often receive unwanted calls from many people / Advertisers / tele service etc. While getting such unwanted calls during important occasions, we feel annoyed and irritated.

We can say, Almost 10 % on our total incoming calls and 60 % of our text messages are as unwanted! Few of them get such calls even after activating.Do Not Call Registry.

So How to stop such calls / messagaes???.........

It is matter of fact that, we can't eliminate such calls completely, but we can minimise them tremendously ! Lets see how can we do that?..

    Option 1
  • Now, All smart phones has an option to block incoming call for a known phone number,
    You can simply go to Recent calls / call history and select option -BLOCK for frequently disturbing calls . This will work out for you, if you are trying to block frequently disturbing or known phone numbers.
    You can also group such calls into single Contact group and block such group completely.

  • Option 2
  • You can activate call barring service. This service offered by the most of the network operators to manage and limit unwanted calls for their customers. This option has come to us with some extra added cost. Which seems better way to control most of the calls ! For example: Call manager service by Airtel, Vodafone call Filter, etc...

  • Option 3
  • Most important, You need to activate Do not call Registry !
    You need to opt for 'do not call registry' to stay away from such calls, moreover this option comes free of cost to all mobile or telephone users ! few of us still get such calls even after registering, but it is always better to get registered.
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  • Option 4
  • Other expensive way is to buy the third party software to filter the incoming calls. The app may provide you an option to block the calls based on many ways, as desired by the customers like starting number, advertisers, Overseas calls, etc....

  • Option 5
  • When it comes to phone, we also need to exercise strict confidentiality and avoid sharing it on internet and public.
    1. submitting the mobile number in the un known website forms
    2. Displaying the contact number in the comments page or internet
    3. Responding to the advertisement by mobile number
    4. Providing the personal mobile number during advertisement / news paper, etc
    5. Sharing the mobile numbers in shopping malls for prize, bonus, etc..
    6. still there are many ways.. but we are the better judges !

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